Haak Machinebouw

In 2012, the Haak Machinebouw logo was attached to the façade of the premises of a freshly acquired machine factory and Ben Haak became the proud owner of the company.

When Henk Ockerse joined the company in 2017, a trade package was added to the company’s own production package that further strengthened and expanded the position of the product portfolio.


 Our values

In all we do, the sense of responsibility comes first. This means that:

  • A fair advice is given as to whether or not a project can be carried out
  • Resources and time are used conscientiously
  • A deal is a deal, the customer can count on us.
  • A decent price will be charged.
  • We stand square behind our product

 Our spear heads

In the course of its existence, Haak Machinebouw has focused on the construction of a number of specific products for graphic and (food) packaging solutions.



Logo Metaalunie lid

Haak Machinebouw is member of the Koninklijke Metaalunie, the branch organization of metal work companies, which with over 14.000 members, guarantees a broad expertise, knowledge of the branch and offers a result driven approach. The Metaalunie Terms and Conditions apply to all our offers and deliveries.

Download metaalunie terms and conditions


Our partners

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  • Service and Maintenance

    Service and Maintenance

    Experience shows that once you do business with Haak Machinebouw in one of the above areas, you are happy to return to have service and maintenance carried out. It is not uncommon to use these moments to ask if solutions are also available on other machine.

  • Special Machine Construction

    Special Machine Construction

    In addition to ready-made end products, Haak Machinebouw is a specialist in optimizing existing machines. Whether it is about making this more accurate or faster, you will always find a good adviser in Haak Machinebouw. The expansion or replacement modules are assembled in-house and built turn-key on the basic machine. Examples include laminating units and web controls on label production machines

  • Graphic Production Solutions

    Graphic Production Solutions

    For the graphic industry, the specialty is everything that rolls up, unwinds, inspects and processes. For example, horizontal and vertical winding machines are included in the delivery program, which have been further developed into extremely precise solutions when it comes to web tension and in-section.

    Another important product is the pre-mixer, which ensures that inks and especially coatings remain consistent in composition. For further products see yeh Graphic Products page

  • Service and Maintenance
  • Special Machine Construction
  • Graphic Production Solutions