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Optimal pre-mixing

  • UV matt lacquers.
  • UV silicone-based lacquers.
  • UV sparkle lacquers.
  • UV white inks.
  • UV glue.

Easy to use


  • Multiple assembly connections (barrel, container, can)
  • No additional handling needed but direct setup next to the machine
  • Design with spout or peristaltic pump connections.
  • Suitable for most packaging, specials on request.


Premixer M3

Pre-mixer with spout.premix m3

Premixer M1

Pre-mixer with peristaltic pump connection.
premix m1


For the optimal pre-mixing of your product, we advise you to combine the mixer with peristaltic pump connection and spout.
The mixer with peristaltic pump is filled with pre-mixed product (mixer with spout) to ensure homogeneity.


Technical specifications


  • Input: 230V.
  • Output 14V, 3400mA.
  • 4 position switch
  • Overheating protection set on 55°C.



  • Creating opportunities together

    Creating opportunities together

    The solutions to the hurdles in your production process start with meeting  our creative engineers over a good cup of coffee. During a brainstorming session, we look at how we can tackle the problem together and what machine offers the best solution. And, of course, we calculate the cost savings that your investment will succesfully generate.

  • All-in-house service

    All-in-house service

    The entire process – from design to manufacturing – is carried out by specialists at Haak Machinebouw in our workshop in Akersloot. Subsequently, commissioning and training take place with care and you can always count on us for service. With twenty years of experience in the graphic industry, we are a professional partner that delivers quality.

  • Cost effective

    Cost effective

    Haak Machinebouw designs and builds custom made machines and installations for the graphic and packaging industry. As a distributor, we also install machines from renowned manufacturers. Our machines are all CE certified and help improve your production process. As a result, you save on costs and advance the quality of your production.

  • Creating opportunities together
  • All-in-house service
  • Cost effective