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Core Cutting 

Instead of putting many types and sizes of cut tubes in stock, more and more companies are deciding to purchase of a their own core cutter. When such a machine is not sufficiently automated, someone still has to stay in the vicinity to guide the process of cutting. However, there are now solutions available that exclude almost all human intervention by using a high degree of automation. Linking to the Management Information System is also possibility that companies can choose to use.

Our Solution ↓


Haak Machinebouw offers is the automatic and the fully automatic core cutter as a solution. The numbers and cut lengths are pre-programmed. In the automatic version, the mother sleeve is mechanically adjusted. The operator only had to re-insert a mother sleeve.

This is fully automated in the fully automatic core cutter as and the operator only needs to be present to change the sleeve adapter and/or when the core stock is empty. In principle, this can be done by someone that is working in the environment close to the core cutter.