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About Lombardi Coverting Machinery

Lombardi has been developing and manufacturing graphic machines since 1987. The company has a famous world-wide reputation with the die cutting of non-adhesive labels. As a specialist in finishing machines, Lombardi started to build the first flexo printing press in 2003 and has since then developed into a strong player in this field. The combination of Italian design and German technology is highly appreciated by the market. This is evident from 1300 installations in more than 100 countries around the world.

"Innovation, quality and simplicity"

Turn Bar

The turn bar unit allows for the printing on the back of media.

Screen Print Bravo

 Works with a flat screen unit inline and adds a rich color to the printing.


Output unit that allows for stacked and counted sheets of shaped labels.

Semi-Rotary Flexo Unit

The unit enables for flexible and cost-effective applications by a linear cartridge allowing the use of single cyclinder printing

Easy Waste

Asimmetrical waste is removed at high speeds. Designed as a contact wrapper, means breakage is prevented at very high speeds conditions.

Warm Foil Unit Toro

Equipped with a foil saver for saving foil consumption means costs are reduced. Ideal for quality label embossing.

Delam Relam Unit

Allows for the separation of adhesive from the siliconate so as to be able to print on the glue side.

Booklet Module

This unit is ideal for the high production of booklets – multi-page labels

Semi-Rotary Die Cutting

With the aid of a magnetic cylinder, linear cartridges of different lengths can be easily exchanged.

Cold foil Unit

The combination of a winding and rewinding and a flexo station enables the cold application of metal foil.

Rotary Diecut

A unit that allows the diecutting of any label shape at guaranteed high production speeds.

Flexo Unit with ABS

By using air pressure control on the doctor blades, even pressure and wear is guaranteed.

"Applicable to all flexo printing presses and digital printers"


Invicta is a fully servo and gearless printing press. The machine is extremely suitable for thin films, such as BOPP, PVC, PE, PET, as it uses three servo motors per print unit and sleeve technology. The machine is equipped with an automatic positioning, Hi-Dynamics for pneumatic pressure on the blade on the anilox roll.


The Synchroline  is designed to deliver the best performance on virtually any type of substrate. Known as the” universal machine” because it has no restrictions on printable materials: BOPP, PVC, PE, PET, self-adhesive paper, laminates, thermal paper and folding cardboard.

Digistar Inkjet

Digistar Inkjet is a machine that not only produces labels, but is also capable of adding variable information and images to an existing print register. An important feature of this printing press is the extremely short changeover time between two orders.


The Flexoline is the simplest machine in the programme – equipped with a manual register and electronic web tension control. This ensures high printing quality and also an easy and fast changeover of impression cylinders and ink rollers.